Case Study

WWF My Footprint redesign

UX/UI designer
Team size
Pocket App


The client

WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Their goal is to create a world where both people and wildlife can thrive.

The product

The My Footprint app was created to help people calculate and reduce their carbon footprint. It includes challenges for users to participate in and also other types of content to educate users on their environmental impact.

Problem 1 - The feed tab

After a survey was conducted on users of the app, a lot of the feedback called for improvements to the feed tab. When the app was initially created there was limited content. But over time, as more content and different types of content were introduced, it became harder for users to see the content they wanted to see.

The brief

The client wanted the feed tab to be easier to use. The agreed changes to be made were:

They also wanted UI improvements that would make the feed more aesthetically pleasing, while still looking like the same app.

Initial designs

Me and the other designers in the team all worked on making our own interpretations of the improvements.

I began with some quick paper wireframes before moving to sketch to make some high fidelity digital designs.

Client feedback

Our designs were presented to the client. The client liked and selected different elements of our designs to be combined into one final feed design. Me and another team member then implemented the feedback to create the final design.

Feed redesign

The challenge screens were also updated to reflect the UI change of the feed call-to-action.

Problem 2 - Hide challenges

There are challenges in the feed that some users are unable to do because of their circumstances. There may also be challenges that users already participate in in their daily lives. Users in these situations requested a way to be able to opt out of or hide these challenges so they don’t keep popping up on their feeds.

The brief

Create a way for users to hide challenges that they’re unable to do or already participate in.


I trialled different ways of displaying the hide challenge screens in Sketch.

Hide challenge design

A button has been added to individual challenge screens which allows users to hide them. They can then give a reason for hiding the challenge and have the option of unhiding it in future. They can also share the challenge to others it may be relevant to and make challenge suggestions to WWF.

What I learned

This project was a great opportunity to practise making changes within an app to improve users’ experiences, while still keeping the UI familiar.  I also enjoyed working in a team with other designers.