Instagram intros

Graphic Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

The brief

The client requested motion graphic intros for their IGTV segments "Beauty by LAMBB" and "Behind the Production".
The brand's main colours (lighter shades of blue) were prominent in these graphics as requested by the client.
Illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and motion was applied using After Effects.

For this intro the client requested a combination of text and illustration. Illustrated assets were based on hair and makeup tools widely recognised by the target audience. The illustration style and font were kept consistent with existing branding, while also being reflective of the "beauty" theme of the IGTV segment.

For this intro, the client wanted an overlay that could be placed over the beginning of videos. The overlay had to include the segment title, a frame, and the brand's logo. An alternate version with a white background and black text was also created.